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Samsung galaxy note 10 and note 10 plus (+) Availability in india 2019 Full Specifications

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 Full Specifications Galaxy Note 10 plus 

 Samsung introduce the latest upgraded smartphone, The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ we knows the galaxy note series is totally successful series is previous 6 years of samsung history. Galaxy Note 10+ has 3 variants.

Galaxy Note 10+ Camera sets 

 The Note 10 plus has the utra wide camera features of 16MP shooter f/2.2 apertures of 123 degree field view, a wide angle 12MP shooter f/1.5 to f/2.4 apertures for optical Picture stabilization, 12MP telephoto shootor of f/2.1 Aperture and the new depth camera is also added in galaxy note 10+ which utilizes VGA with an aperture f/1.4 the field view of 80 degree.

 The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is powered by Snapdragon 855 , 6.8 inches Amoled display the smartphone power is held in 6 GB of Ram.


 The Samsung Galaxy Note is battery is About 4,300 mAh which not soo massive, i think this smartphone need 5000 mAh battery power for more work, it has 25 watt charges in the box,

if you need to charge your phone faster then you have to buy 45 watt charges , note 10+ supports the wireless 15 watt charging The Samsung Note 10+ Including ultrasonic indisplay fingerprint for better security patch.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10+ Availability

 Samsung galaxy note 10+ comes with four variants , Aura glow, Aura White, Aura Blue, Aura Black. Galaxy note 10+ price is about 995$ to 1000$ for plus version of SoC based 855 and 6GB of Ram.   

realme 5 pro Full Specifications Realme 5 in ( 9999 INR )


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Realme 5 Pro specification

realme 5 pro is the device of launching and best technology ultra micro. realme companies are providing the the battery , cameras come present hands-on first look it is two buckets phone. this smartphone design is a best performance and camera or battery a full specification. display is high quality of looking smart phones with touched guards announced with gorilla Glass.

Realme 5 pro camera 

48 megapixel with 12 MP quad camera 4 in 1 attached with multi functional lens. ultra wide angles lens. Totally 119* field of views and 12 MP primary lines. beautiful of views in pictures.The Super macro lens 4 cm focal length. Focal length with portrait focal perfect pictures.

realme 5 Pro price

realme 5 pro price India with selective of RAM and ROM RAM. ROM. PRICE / INR 3 GB 32 GB Rs. 9,999 4.GB 64 GB. Rs. 10,999 6 GB 128 GB Rs. 11,999 Good spacing device launching in 2019 its 3 GB RAM 32 GB internal storage as above. latest price 9,999 in India. 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage upto Price 10,999. and the full specification storage is 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage is INR / INDIA Rs. 11,999.

Budget smartphone realme 5

realme 5 pro features in budgets like earphone Bluetooth options and Gorilla Glass specific smartphone hands its may be touched guards availability full device with low price. Google Clouds apps Manage this phones showing space.

realme 5 pro battery with processors 

realme 5 pro battery is avoid 5000 mAh battery powerhouse. the official unboxing and take a quick look at the new #realme5 pro that sports a massive 5000mAh battery, latest Snapdragon 665 AIE processor and a 12MP AI Quad Camera setup. With many first features in its price segment the #realme5 is truly a Quad Camera Powerhouse       

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Full Specifications Mi A3 

The pure google in 250$ comes with every popular features which everyone needs in single smartphone , Front facing camera have 32 MP with face locking id features Mi A3 will be the camera best smartphone rare triple camera have 48 MP + 12 MP + 2 MP great combination of camera,

 truely gaming Snapdragon processor of 665 . Its is facility of many apps latest version of Android. triple slot Sim 1 and Sim 2 , or Memory card expandable 256 GB.

 Redmi mi a3 unboxing

redmi mi A3 unboxing provide some introduce features like earphones , Gorilla glass with safety back cover , Sim card Pins , Extra touched guard under high rates , earphones like features availability maintenance Bluetooth options.

 Redmi mi a3 trailer. 
 redmi mi a3 trailer is the point of features best device they are showing good design forever. Xiaomi redmi companies are providing latest processor and updates.

The ideal best performances cameras and Prices choices. This phones coming entry to providing exciting best features.

 redmi mi a3 first look with Price 

This phones showing best collection of cameras and processing device. Its is supporting high quality games like PUBG and Free fire... No hanging devices reason Very high processor in this phones.

4GB + 64GB - 12999 INR
6GB + 128GB - 15999 INR

 Mi A3 pro launched with prices 

Mi A3 pro launched with latest features introducing unboxing. The absurdity Specifications and camera with 96 megapixels. the totally display of High rated provide. Earphones with Bluetooth , 5G Network availability , Sim slot card with triple , and also some provides prices $250 as Same rates.     

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THOR 4 : Chris Hemsworth Is finally Confirmed | More powerful Thor, Thor 4 love and thunder 2019 Leaks

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Thor 4 love and thunder 2019 Leaks

Hello friends, Today I'm going to talk some interesting movie like Thor 4. So, guys  finally this is launching is best creative actions in Hollywood like Marvels Presentation.

Friends, today I'm going to tell you that the movie of Thor 4 has been confirmed. Now who is this Confirmed. Where did this matter appear? Let's look at this website. That too without any delay we start. So friends we were weaving so long.

New Poster Of Thor 4 

When will I come when will come THOR 4, I took information several times. And may be after Thor 4 arrives, its films will keep coming. You have been confirmed this thing,

thor 4 poster

The marvels Presents THOR 4 : love and Thunder. This movie is also created in Comic. 

Released  Date And loves thunder

This Movie  released on 5th November 2021. Because This movies take some long time and movies depends also comic , but friends this movie title is imagine to connected some comic. And they confirmed in official teaser. Multi thoughts story line seen we like in this movies. 

Mcu comic is too much so long. The peter and red Bel like before this movies Friends, this story is going to be a little interesting. this Movie is also attached on the guardians of the galaxy but if continuous the matter of peter.

thor 4 poster

but friends do not anxiety the next month movies allotted the Disnep expo done to 320 done. Next generation the Thomas story of timelines liked awesome. 

Leaks of Thor 4 2021

The best performance of the Thomas and thoughts two Aquarius the generation of categories.  The day we want to see you Thomas exchange the palace of choice to death of Thor. 

Thor 4 leaks pics

First of all, the Thor 4 : Loves and thunder is the best pointer choices adventures of guardiands of the galaxy. The effective of guide of times lines towards  new movies .

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Top 5 Smartphones Specifications Coming To India In July 2019

Top 5 Smartphones Specifications Coming To India In May 2019

Top 5 new smartphones coming in India to May 2019.

The month of April for the launch of Redmi's budget and launch of New smartphones in the marketplace,
 it is also the month of exciting and exciting smartphones in India. OnePlus 7 Pro is a flagship device that has been upgraded to a new device.

We hope that Galaxy M40 and Mi3 A3 is available in affordable smartphones even in May 2019.  You have got to know that in May 2019 the smartphones are going to be announced.
Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 pro
For OnePlus 7 & 7 Pro, this is the latest news on the market. firstly, OnePlus 7 in the next two-and-a-half cameras, OnePlus 7 Pro is the only company that has three rear seniors.

m40 price in india

It's a great way to get a clean-up of the pop-up camera and also to the camera.  OnePlus 7 Pro is going to give you exciting features, OnePlus 7 Pro comes with exciting features such as Snapdragon 855 chipset, 2K display, Warp Charge technology.

 It's a smartphone that has been pressed into a cell phone again, because of which there is no OnePlus phone available in blue color, but you can still see the image.

It has 48MP rotating camera, Galaxy A80 is also available in India, May 2019.  With the Snapdragon 730G chipset, this is the first smartphone.  Samsung is launching a smartphone in mid-May, with a slider mechanism that is rotating camera.  In Galaxy A80, you can upload 48 MP camera to your selfies.  It has been found that around 45,000 INR of the price tag will be launched.

The Galaxy A80 comes with 6.7 inch FHD + Super AMOLED Infinity display, Snapdragon 730G processor, 48 + 8 + ToF triple cameras, and 3700 mAh battery with 25W fast charging support.

New Smartphone - Realme X 

Realme 3 Pro Snapdrgaon 710 chipset surprisingly, the company is going to launch its next smartphone Redmi X Pro.

because This smartphone is Snapdragon 730 processor and has a pop-up photo camera and in-display fingerprint scanner that can be found in the trendy features.

Is the smartphone in 6.5 inch full HD + display, 3680mAh of battery, VOOC fast charging support and 48MP camera with Sony IMX586 sensor.

Acquire you are here to request a company CEO and you have confirmed that (possibly May mein) will be available in Realme X India.  I am happy to announce that 15K to 20K here.

Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL With Price

Pixel 3a and 3a XL also have a lot of display in India without any display, Flipkart is also available on smartphones.  8th May, we will be launching the smartphone with Snapdragon 670 and Snapdrgaon 710 chipsets in India.

I know that the design of smartphones in Pixel 3 and 3 XL is not so great, but you still have amazing camera performance.  In smartphones I can install 5.6 inch and 6 inch full HD + display.

Google Pixe 3a expected price 28,000 INR and 3A XL is expected to cost 34,000 INR.

Realme X with specification

To get Xiaomi's tariff, even for Realme X, a Snapdragon 730 chipset has been launched with a phone. firstly I have no idea how many people have got this tag from the smartphone.

Mi A3  Confirmed with triple Camera 

I can say that the name of the smartphone is Mi A3, but you have not confirmed the name of the company.
In the smartphone market, it also comes with full HD + display, Corning Gorilla Glass protection,

8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and in-display fingerprint scanner.  You have a stock Android smartphone, you do not have any idea of ??the price tag.

ASUS Zenfone 6 launch date with full specification

ASUS has sent Zenfone 6 and Zenfone 6Z to the global launch of the 16th and 16th of May, launched in Spain.  Is this the name of the smartphones that can be accessed in India?  Release invite mein company to not display the display, because you have a pop-up of selfie camera or slider mechanism.  Snapdragon 855 chipset of Zenfone 5Z is expected to be available.

Oneplus 7 and onePlus 7 pro specs 

OnePlus 7 & 7 Pro is available for you, you can use a cheap flagship smartphone.  Is this smartphone full details on May 16, as well as the launch of the global launch at 8pm on Monday.

oneplus 7 pro price

Gaming Smartphone by Xiaomi BLACK SHARK 2 Price And Specifications

Gaming Smartphone by Xiaomi BLACK SHARK 2 Price And Specifications

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Launched in India, Company Ann Announce Launch with Date
Best gaming Smartphone by xiaomi's black shark 2
India's gaming phones are limited in numbers and available in our brands but Xiaomi's Black Shark 2 has also been added to the list.

This phone was launched by the company in China in March 2019. company developing the best phone in the world under Indian prices. Xioami is going to Announce it on 27th May in India.
Prior to this, Xiaomi also launched the Black Shark First Generation Smartphone but it was not announces in Smartphone India.

Black Shark is one of the premium handsets of Xiaomi, which comes with a lot of high-end specification.
It will be the first gaming smartphone to be launched by the company in India.

Camera and RAM  specifications 

The phone's back panel is set to be configured with a 48MP + 12MP lens. It has a front facing camera of 20MP Althought gaming performance has been used for the 
processor :-   Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

xiaomi shark 2

The issue phone version of China variant of the Ne6.39 inch AMOLED full HD + display. I got 4000mAh of a battery that has 27W of fast charging support.
In China this phone was launched with 6 GAB RAM 128 GB STORAGE and 12 GB RAM with 256 GAB STORAGE and comes with best specification in 2019.

Shark 2 price in india

Xiaomi Shark 2 launch in India

The price of Black Shark 2 6 gab / 128 gab variants was valued at 3200 (~ 33,000) and the price of 12 gab / 256 gab variants was 4,200 rupees (~ 43,000).
After launch in India on May 27th, we will know the final Indian market price of this phone.

Redmi Note 8 Price Full Specifications 2020 : Launching Redmi Note 8

Redmi Note 8 Price Full Specifications 2020 Launching Redmi Note 8

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro specification

Performance   Octa core
 Display              6.4* ( 17cm )
 Storage            128 GB
 Battery             5000 mAh
 Camera            48 MP + 12 MP
 Ram                   8 GB

Important features

Fingerprint position    Front in Display
 Other sensors             proximity sensor,       accelerometer, compass ,fast light speed sensor.
 Fingerprint sensor        yes

General features

Fast charging             yes
 Updating system       Android v9.0 ( Pie )
 Sim slot                       triple Sim, Volte ,         ZTE 5G network
 Model                          redmi Note 8 Pro
 Brand                           Xiaomi
 Network                       5G available ( Support india bands ), 4G , 3G , 2G  Available.

Redmi  note 8 Multimedia features

It is supported 5G network ( ZTE ). Xiaomi redmi Note 8 Pro. It is good performance Octa Core and display nice looking 6.4 ( 17 cm ) But there is also a fingerprint sensor on the display mobile.

This performance is very good, which is the most different from all the mobiles. #RedmiNote8 that comes with 5G network.

redmi note 8

Redmi Note 8 leaks 

The place where the storage space has been found the most.And there is storage in it 128 GB Which has not been found in any redmi note Pro.And the quality of the camera is different from the rest of the mobiles.

Redmi Note 8 Pro Specifications
 In this camera quality 48 MP +12 MP + 5 MP The feature in this mobile is that it will never be heated.And it can last for 4 days That reason I'm giving 5000mAh of battery backup in #RadmiNote8Pro. 

The best thing is that it has the highest RAM in it RAM in 8 GB.This means that you can download more heavy games in it and even play it. Mobile is the best game for sports like PUBG from the official Xiaomi

The specialty of this mobile design is the most different The design of the cover behind it is given in 4 colors Red, Blue, Black, Violet in Neptune.
This is very thin phone Xiaomi Smartphone is the better phone in India.
This is the first phone in India that is coming with 5G network, with full specifications.